Is ISIS Part of a Paradigm Shift that Began in 2013?

We in the Truth Movement are not privy to the backroom strategy meetings of the satanic Illuminist cartel that runs most of our world behind the mirage of democracy. Therefore we can only make educated guesses about their plans, based upon their actions and the propaganda spun by government spokesmen and MSM mercenaries.

Trampling of civil liberties has grown steadily since the Patriot Act and Homeland Security were enacted after 9/11.  But in early March 2013, two significant events occurred that revealed Americans were rebelling. One was Senator Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster protesting the domestic use of drone strikes against Americans suspected of terrorism; a Gallup Poll showed Americans overwhelmingly supported Paul. The second event that month was public outcry over reports that the DHS was planning to purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (enough to kill every American five times over) as well as over 2,700 armored vehicles. March 2013 was a watershed month during which Americans said: “Enough! What is going on? This can’t be just about fighting terrorism!”

The following month – April 15, 2013 – came the Boston Marathon bombing. In the immediate hours after the incident, many of us were wondering which domestic protest group might be blamed in order to further ramp up government suppression of civil liberties. But then came the announcement: the perpetrators were Islamic terrorists.

Since the Marathon bombing, the focus of MSM terrorism discussion has returned to Muslim extremists, culminating most recently, of course, with the viral ISIS beheading videos.

I suggest that the Boston Marathon marked a paradigm shift. With Americans stubbornly resisting further expansion of police-state powers, the cartel decided it needed to revert to the threat that had been so successfully utilized to justify initial establishment of those powers: Islamic terrorism.

What had worked on 9/11 would work again. Patriotic Americans opposed unconstitutional demolition of their own freedoms, but could be counted on to “rally round the flag” if they believed America was again under foreign attack.

Shifts in government strategies, in response to opinion polls, are nothing new, ever since pre-Pearl Harbor surveys revealed over 80 percent of Americans opposed joining the Second World War. On April 15, 2011, a Gallup Poll showed President Obama’s approval ratings at an all-time low. Solutions quickly emerged. On April 27, after years of foot-dragging, the White House released a purported long version of the President’s birth certificate. (A number of Obama’s critics had charged he was not an American citizen by birth, which would have disqualified him from the Presidency. Former Adobe engineer Gary Poyssick and others have charged that the President’s birth certificate is a computer forgery.)

But on May 2, 2011 came the clincher: It was announced that Navy Seals had killed Osama Bin Laden (politely waiting until the news of Kate and William’s royal wedding had finished). There were many reasons to doubt this story’s credibility:

Allegedly Bin Laden headed the world’s largest terror network. If so, capturing him alive should have been top priority. “Leaked” photos of Bin Laden’s bullet-ridden body quickly surfaced on the Internet, but analysis demonstrated these were old pictures that had been Photoshopped. But in the ultimate insult to Americans’ intelligence, the government proclaimed it had dumped Bin Laden’s body into the ocean – guaranteeing the body could not be viewed and its identity verified. On the night of the announcement, the image of the President saying “God Bless America” as demonstrators outside the White House chanted “USA!” had the smell of an orchestrated media event designed to boost the President’s pre-election image as a patriot.

I believe the Bin Laden incident marked something of a landmark moment: the beginning of a new Orwellian era in which events that never even happened would be written into history books.

The recent ISIS beheadings, whose authenticity many have questioned, may be the latest manifestation of this strategy. Last year, Americans overwhelming opposed the air strikes Obama sought on Syria; even the President’s own traditional supporters were crying “Enough Middle East wars!” and semi-MSM like Second City Network were chiming in.

So it was back to the drawing board. After the beheadings, new polling now shows public support for Obama’s air strikes on ISIS. Apparently beheadings proved a hot “button” for public opinion; after the Foley incident, more beheading videos were rolled out. I am not saying beheadings aren’t taking place, but I believe the Illuminati might be applying the principle taught by famed Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” In other words, they might prefer to induce Americans to relinquish their freedoms through video fakery, instead of through the troublesome engineering of another genuine 9/11. But they would resort to an event of 9/11’s caliber if necessary; that is Satan’s murderous nature.

If these social-media beheadings are truly done by Islamic militants, what do the militants hope to gain by them? All they are getting is air strikes and a renewed U.S. military presence in the Middle East, which is hardly in their favor.

One must remember the words of former French intelligence officer Pierre-Henri Bunel, published in 2004: “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the ‘TV watcher’ to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .”

With the Obama administration already having played its “kill Osama Bin Laden” card, it needed a new bogeyman to replace him. Certainly, it is not my intention to understate the reality of ISIS or its presence in the Middle East. Like most Americans, the group is new to me. The best analysis I have personally seen of ISIS and its history is David Livingstone’s.

But do not Bunel’s revelations apply equally to ISIS? Like Al Qaida, ISIS initially received U.S. financing and military training, allegedly to help overthrow Assad in Syria. Last year, Americans rejected Obama’s plan to bomb Syria to help the militants there. Yesterday (September 22, 2014), with hardly any protests, the United States began bombing Syria, the pretext this time not to help the militants but oppose them. This breathtaking inconsistency in logic suggests the administration was resolved to bomb Syria no matter what.

MSM is supplying its usual support. CNN, which routinely ignores worldwide Christian persecution, suddenly voiced concern over Christians persecuted by ISIS (the Illuminati know pulpits are opinion molders and have traditionally exploited them to fill congregations with pro-war sentiment). And this past Sunday, CBS aired the premier of its new series Madam Secretary, which Fox News appropriately dubbed “a campaign ad for Hillary Clinton 2016.” In the season opener, the task of the newly-appointed Secretary of State was to help American hostages held in – you guessed it – Syria.

I do not know the reason for Illuminati obsession with Syria. Complete the “Arab Spring” dismantling of Middle-East nations predicted by both General Wesley Clark and Pat Buchanan? Build the coveted Qatar-to-EU natural gas pipeline to offset Putin’s counter-threat to EU sanctions? Make the world safe for Netanyahu? Start World War III?

What can be said with certainty: their intentions are evil, lethal, dishonest, and aimed ultimately at global domination. May the world waken.