Time for the Church to Act

As a Christian, I am increasingly concerned that most of the church is unaware of the Illuminist plans unfolding around the world. “The church” is a broad term; by that phrase, I am not referring to those Christian churches whose authenticity was long ago lost to the spell of Rockefeller-financed Modernism, rejecting the Bible’s authority, Christ’s divinity, and hell’s reality. I refer to the churches that still faithfully follow the narrow path commanded by Christ, that seek to save souls.

Many of these churches have successfully resisted Darwinism, which the Illuminati invented expressly to destroy faith in God. As Protocols 2:2-3 boasted: “It is with this object in view that we are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories, which our specialists have cunningly pieced together. . . . Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism. . . .”

And so “the Big Bang” replaced God’s creating the universe, a chance arrangement of chemicals replaced His miraculous creation of life, and man was turned from a creation “made in the image of God” to a highly evolved ape.

But even churches that have resisted Modernism and Darwinism have fallen victim to subtler deceptions. To repel the serpent (Satan), it is edifying to be versed in his ways. Jesus said (Matthew 10:16),Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents . . . .” Are not the Illuminati wolves? Protocols 11: “The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?”

All Bible-believing churches pray. And it is a rule of thumb that “when all else fails, pray.”  In other words, when facing a crisis, and every human remedy is exhausted, we fall upon appeal to God alone.

However, I believe this rule is invoked prematurely in many cases. To illustrate the point, I’ll begin with an example that may seem insultingly obvious. Suppose you were walking along a lake’s edge, and saw a little boy drowning, just within arm’s reach. What would God expect you to do? Reach in and pull him out, or pray for the child’s divine rescue? Obviously, God would want you to act, not just pray. Does it seem probable that He would even answer such a prayer?

Let’s vary the situation. Suppose you were watching a little girl in a hospital bed, and an evil-looking person entered the room with a clearly-marked bottle of poison. Let’s say you knew this poison would cripple the child for life. Would God expect you to: (A) stop the poison from being given; or (B) let it be given, then pray for healing after it crippled the child? Would God likely honor such a prayer?

I believe the last story illustrates something happening in our culture. Today, millions of people, from infants to elderly, are stricken with “mysterious” illnesses: autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, a host of auto-immune diseases from Lupus to Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Since the medical world has proclaimed that neither causes nor cures are known, the lay Christian believes nothing is left but prayer – the last resort – and might even say “this sickness must be God’s will.”

I suggest Christians consider:

  • the Illuminati’s population control agenda
  • that, through financial control of Big Pharma and the medical establishment, vaccines were introduced as a genocidal instrument. More than 100 years ago, the Protocols (10:19) boasted that that they would “exhaust humanity” through “inoculation of diseases.” That is what a vaccine is: a “weakened” version of a disease, injected into your tissues, along with monkey protein and poisons like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. With vaccines, the Illuminati achieved a pinnacle of deception: they convinced people that the way to make themselves healthy is to make themselves sick.
  • For those who cannot believe this, I suggest visiting sites like vaccinetruth.org and whale.to, or read Chapter 20 of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior. Start learning from out-of-the box physicians how vaccines generate auto-immune diseases, the shocking lack of long-term safety testing, and why vaccines did not wipe out infectious diseases as widely proclaimed, including polio.

We often wonder why God does not answer prayers for healing more frequently. I must be careful here; it isn’t for me to interpret God’s will. But I’d like to suggest that possibly our prayers go unanswered because God expects us to act not pray. When we let children receive dozens of vaccination doses, we are in effect saying, “Lord, we don’t trust the way you designed us, nor the immune system you gave us. Instead, we’re going to trust Big Pharma to improve it with injections.”

Physical disease aside, the impact of vaccines on behavior should not be overlooked. The Bible has many verses commending self-control. But how many out-of-control, hyperactive children are misattributed to bad parenting, when in fact these “bad kids” had their brains skewered by vaccines?  While every case is individual, I believe the church needs to heed more than ever Jesus’s words to “Judge not” (Matthew  7:1). For when the church substitutes wrongful condemnation for understanding, it withholds the love of Christ and alienates the potential believer.

Vaccines, of course, are not the only weapon in the Illuminati population-control arsenal; they have come a long way since eugenics, atomic bombs and legalized abortion. Today they know if they level a town with a bomb, victims will ask who dropped the bomb, but if they level it with a HAARP-generated tornado, people will call it – like disease – “an act of God.” In Matthew 12, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for attributing His miracles to Satan; I believe the Lord is likewise displeased when we credit Him with Satan’s work. Christians need to ask why weather has gone insane over the past decade; it’s advanced technologies, not “global warming,” which is a myth fabricated as a pretext for controlling populations.

As William S. Cohen, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, said in a 1997 Defense Department briefing: “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real.”

Also in the arsenal we find chemtrails, microwave weapons, GMOs and fluoridation of water. All of these induce death, for they are altering God’s creation, which is life.

Jesus said He is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). If churches are to draw people to God, they themselves must be versed in truth to maintain credibility.

Part of this includes understanding truth about modern finance, which impacts both the welfare of the congregation and a church’s operating revenue. I have noticed a tendency among some conservative Christians to stereotype destitute, unemployed individuals as lazy, applying verses like Proverbs 10:4: “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” The Bible is true, but every verse must be applied in a truthful context.

Through fiat money policies, the Illuminati have destroyed over 95 percent of the dollar’s value since creating the Fed in 1913; they have generated noxious taxes that seize about half a working family’s income; and through specious treaties like NAFTA and GATT, they outsourced the vast bulk of our manufacturing sector. The government grossly understates the inflation rate (through a distorted Consumer Price Index), and as analysts such as Paul Craig Roberts have pointed out, the true unemployment rate (currently about 23 percent) is misstated by the government as 6 percent by using statistical card tricks, such as factoring out people who have given up looking for jobs.

Pastors who do not examine these realities, who continue to believe corporate media’s rosy economic reports, may have difficulty empathizing with financially struggling church members. The current Christian financial guru seems to be Dave Ramsay, and while no one would disagree with his advice that people get out of debt (especially credit card debt), he emulates MSM by suggesting that debt is the fault of individuals – spendthrifts who just can’t wait for that new car or iPhone – rather than the banksters who have squeezed the middle class into such poverty that many are forced to borrow just to survive.

It is commendable to advise people to be fiscally responsible, to help the destitute from the church’s budget, and pray that individuals find jobs.  But band-aids won’t stop arterial bleeding. As with vaccine-induced illnesses, the problem needs to be addressed at its source: the Illuminati.

If that sounds odd, it shouldn’t. The enemy of God and the church is Satan. Satan is real, and so are his minions on Earth. The Illuminati accepted Satan’s offer of the Earth’s kingdoms, which Jesus refused (Matthew 4:8-10). They are attempting to destroy the American economy as a precursor to world government. Our nation’s entire decline – spiritual, moral, physical, economic, political – has not occurred by chance, any more than life arose by chance.

We should pray for the safety of loved ones fighting overseas in the armed forces. But how much better if those wars were never undertaken? A “just war,” for self-defense, is a completely valid concept.  However, America’s modern wars have been fought for secret agendas disguised behind slogans like “freedom” and “making the world safe for democracy”; the first chapter of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior documents that America’s involvement in every major war since the Spanish-American (1898) was triggered by an orchestrated “false flag” or other deception.

In sum, I believe the church should assume leadership and actively oppose evil, not just pray for the suffering victims.

Hollywood has largely become a transmitter for satanic messages, but has seen better days. I personally consider On the Waterfront one of the most moral films it ever produced. The story was about choosing between right and wrong despite adversity. The characters included a priest, Father Barry, who stepped beyond his church doors to help his parishioners victimized by a gangster-run union. I think his waterfront speech to the dock workers (based on reality) bears re-watching. His condemnation of the “easy money boys,” and his exhortation to expose them, could well be taken as a parable for today: the banksters, the abused middle class, and the responsibility to speak out (the Truth Movement). The film, incidentally, was partly a veiled reference to the oppressions of communism, which screenwriter Budd Schulberg and director Elia Kazan had both tasted first-hand.

Malden corridan

Karl Malden’s character (left) was based on real-life priest John Corridan

I realize many pastors don’t wish to politicize their sermons, which might risk their churches’ tax-exempt status, something the Illuminati would love to see. But nothing stops a pastor from taking a stand outside church walls, or privately communicating his views to parishioners.

The “separation of church and state,” to the limited extent that it originally existed, was intended to prevent any one denomination from ruling the others. But the Illuminati have hijacked the concept to mean eradicating all Christian influence. This satanizes the whole culture since socialism is gradually making everything, from education to healthcare, part of the government “state.”

My remarks are not intended to slight the activism already undertaken by a number of Christians, especially in the vital spheres of abortion, the defense of marriage, and Christian free speech. However, the Illuminati agenda is much broader. And wherever an enemy army attacks, we should both defend and counter-attack.

The world needs “Father Barrys” – from every denomination and faith – to stand in the gap.