Was the Holt-Moderated Presidential Debate Rigged for Clinton? Five Questions Being Raised


(1) Why did Lester Holt confront Trump with accusations and disagreements, while never once displaying even a hint of negativity toward Hillary? The following 7-minute video, containing all of Holt’s remarks, lets the double standard speak for itself:

Holt attacked Trump on the issues of his taxes and being a “Birther,” but managed to neglect the following about Hillary:
Health issues
Clinton Foundation corruption
Evidence of rigging the 2016 primaries
The Clintons taking a “charity deduction” on their own tax return by giving $1 million to the Clinton Foundation (i.e., themselves)
Hillary perjuring herself before Congress about privately sending classified emails
The approximately 30,000 deleted emails
The Benghazi disaster and its role in creating ISIS
Goldman Sachs “speaker fees”
Lying about “landing under sniper fire”
Voting for the Iraq War (no link needed)
Claiming she was “dead broke” when she left the White House
The Clinton Body Count
Covering up for Bill’s many sexual misdeeds
Hillary’s incredible cattle futures profits
Being dismissed during the Watergate hearings for unethical behavior

If Holt is an “unbiased” moderator, why did he zero in on Trump’s taxes, but not mention even one of Hillary’s scandals? If Lester pleads that he is “unaware” of the above issues, is he qualified to be a journalist?

(2) Was Hillary giving Holt hand signals whenever she was ready to make a pre-packaged remark?


It certainly seems so. This video tell the story:

(Note: the above video frequently gets scrubbed from Internet, so search for it if the link becomes disabled.)

(3) Why was Hillary’s podium outfitted with a bright light that Trump’s did not have? Was this perhaps a teleprompter?


Again, we’ll let video do the talking. As you can see, there was mechanical toying with Hillary’s podium before the debate began.

(4) Who is the strange go-fer between Hillary and Holt?

First he meets Hillary on her way in, holding something.

After the debate, he hurriedly cleans up Hillary’s podium.

Got that folder!

Now he waits, holding the folder.

Finally, he appears to give the folder to LESTER HOLT.

Here’s the entire video:

Question: Did Holt, via this individual, give Hillary his questions in advance? If one wishes to argue that this was just some benign program flyer, such as “rules of the debate,” then why wasn’t it collected from both podiums, and why be so clandestine about it?

(5) Was Hillary “wired”? She has been accused of wearing an earpiece during previous debates, so she can receive “tips” on what to say. This was evidently no less the case during the Trump debate:




In fact, for the Trump debate, she was “loaded for bear”: wired heavy-duty. There appears to be some sort of box under her clothing with a cable-like cord running up to her head.

Is this part of a woman’s normal wardrobe?

Do I think the next Presidential debate will be fairer? No. Having been caught in the act, I think they’ll just be more discreet about how they cheat. And next time they’ll ask Hillary a “tough” question, but one that she’ll be fully pre-warned about, so she can respond with a carefully rehearsed, rote “rebuttal.” Then the moderators will crow about how “impartial” they were.


UPDATE 10-1-2016:

After the debate, mainstream media claimed Trump’s breathing was marked by strange “sniffling,” and it was even insinuated he was a cocaine user. It has now been acknowledged that there were issues with Trump’s microphone. So I suppose I could have entitled this post “SIX questions,” but I’ll just add this addendum from Mark Dice:

UPDATE 10-4-2016:

Not only did HILLARY have an ear piece during debate, we now know that LESTER HOLT did also, in violation of Federal Election Commission rules.


One can only imagine the potential for collusion this created, with Hillary and Holt both receiving cues, very possibly from the same person. Watch Gary Franchi’s video:

So let’s make that SEVEN questions.