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Thomas Jefferson said:

Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world.

(Letter to John Norvell, June 14, 1807)

Today, of course, mass media takes many forms besides newspapers. But the standards Jefferson spoke of haven’t changed. “Television network newscast” might be substituted for “newspaper” in the above paragraph. Jefferson further said:

I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

In a world complicated by many lies, telling the truth is sometimes not enough. It is often important to disprove the lies – especially ones that, through the psychological ploy of repetition, have been embedded in the public mind as facts by the corporate media. With the lies washed away, the truth becomes easier to see. The thrust of my work has been dedicated to clearing away some of these lies.

I have been writing for alternative media since 1985, when I began contributing articles to The New American magazine. This website was created in 2014. My old website, refugebooks.com, was destroyed by the criminal actions of others.

I do not post articles to my blog daily; I usually post once or twice a month, because I aim for longer pieces that will have high value. Quality writing and research, of course, take time.

If you’d like to support my work, book purchases are appreciated, and sharing them may help someone you know. Click on any book to the right to view descriptions, reviews and sample pages on Amazon. My latest book is Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, an A-to-Z primer on “the New World Order.” You can read about the attempts made to suppress the book by someone at Amazon here.

I have not requested donations since establishing this website. However, because a few people have kindly inquired about making contributions to support my work, in January 2018 I did set up a donations page.

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Some older posts for The New American (these links will take you off-site):
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From the Maine to Sarin Gas: The History of America’s False Flags in 15 minutes

USS Maine

On October 10, 2015, I was honored to be the leadoff speaker at the weekend-long New York City LibertyFest, hosted by Adam Kokesh. Due to the large number of speakers, we were asked to limit our presentations to 15 minutes each. I felt mine would be best devoted to false flags that have led America into wars. UPDATE: THIS CLIP WAS ERASED FROM YOUTUBE DURING THE GREAT PURGE OF 2018, BUT I AM LEAVING THE INACTIVE LINK IN PLACE AS A MEMENTO OF CENSORSHIP.


On June 5, 2015, Free Mind Films, producer of A Noble Lie and State of Mind, released its newest documentary, ShadowRing, which I scripted. It details the history of America’s shadow oligarchy, including the Council on Foreign Relations’ domination of Presidential cabinets and policy, the debauching of our economy by the Federal Reserve, the use of false flags to embroil us in wars, media control, and the ultimate goal of world government. I appear in the film along with an array of informed guests, including G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin, Joyce Riley, Ben Swann, Adam Kokesh, Patrick Wood, Dr. Kathryn Albrecht, Rosa Koire, Aaron Dykes, and several others. Our narrator is renowned Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda, God’s Not Dead). A trailer is directly below. To view another trailer and order the movie, visit  http://freemindfilms.com/films/shadowring/. It can also now be directly purchased from Amazon.

Two of My Best-Received Songs

Freedom Shall Return

In 2002, during my brief fling with music, I composed 12 songs for my “politically incorrect” album Freedom Shall Return, produced at Jaime Bernard’s Stompmachine Studio in Salem, Mass., using seven different lead vocalists.

One of the more popular cuts is “Network News,” vocals by Erik Rodenhiser. I would write the lyrics a little differently today. Another is ”The Lost Cause,” a tribute to the Confederate flag, now especially relevant in view of the flag’s recent banning. Vocals by Rachel Taylor.

The entire album can be heard on this website or purchased as a regular CD by contacting me.

My Most-Watched Interview . . .

has probably been the “God Is Real” episode I did with Sean of SGT Report. It’s had over two million YouTube views since being posted on June 22, 2016.

My Only Stand-Up Comedy Routine.  Politically Incorrect, of Course.

This was done in July 2009 for a John Birch Society event. I had recovered from stage IV cancer earlier in the year, and was still a little thin. Thanks so much to Federal Expression for uploading this in August 2016.

TIALW’s “Unwritten Appendix”

Another show I’d like to bring attention to is my June 3, 2017 interview with Tim Kelly on Our Interesting Times. We had a marathon (2 and ½ hour) discussion of one of the most misrepresented events in history, the Second World War. This is what I referred to in Truth Is a Lonely Warrior as “Appendix VI, The Unwritten Appendix,” because the topic is too vast to cover in something chapter-length.

Latest News & Media Appearances:

June 14. Mary Ellen Moore and I were the guests of Michael Herzog on The American Awakening. Topics included false flags, 9/11, and (subject of my last blog pot) the Golden Age of Television. The program has been archived.

May 18. I was Michael-Jay Anderson’s guest on Shell Games on Revolution Radio. We discussed my recent post on the Golden Age of Television, as well as other facets of the New World Order, the spiritual dimensions to what is going on, and my recently embracing Orthodox Christianity. Not sure yet if this program will be archived.

May 15. I am S. T. Patrick’s latest guest on Midnight Writer News. In addition to addressing the Middle East, the CFR, 9/11 and the Vietnam War, S. T. asked me less common questions—such as who really wrote Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. role in deposing the Shah in the late 1970s. Archived.

May 14. I am the latest guest of Gonz and Basil on Canary Cry Radio. This podcast was actually recorded weeks ago, but the upload was delayed. Topics included my background, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, Christian Zionism, Israel, mainstream media, Nephilim, and 9/11. This was a good interview. Archived.

May 13. I was Jim Duke’s guest on Jim Duke Perspective. Topics: Christianity and the Truth Movement; the unfolding situation in Syria and the Middle East. The interview has been archived.

May 10. I am Tim Kelly’s guest on the latest episode of “Our Interesting Times.” Our discussion centered on two recent blog posts of mine: one on the relationship between Christianity and the Truth Movement, the other on the real reason why there was a “Golden Age of Television” in the 1950s.

May 2. I was Doug and Joe Hagmann’s guest on their live show, The Hagmann Report, primarily discussing Syria. This interview had originally been scheduled for April 24, but the Hagmanns’ entire broadcast was shut down that evening due to tech issues beyond their control.

April 29. I was the guest of CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer on The Covert Report. We focused on Syria and U.S. foreign policy. Archived.

April 27. My newest blog post is up: The Real Reason There Was a “Golden Age of Television”

April 21. I was Eric Gajewski’s guest on TCK LIVE, coming in after the first half hour. We mostly discussed Syria and Trump, took calls and also touched on the Vietnam War, vaccines, and Christianity’s relationship to  the Truth Movement. The commendable Charlotte Iserbyt was the guest after me.

April 3. I was Cat Watters’ guest on her podcast to discuss my recent post “A Syrian Christian Reveals What Is Really Happening in Syria.” Mid-program, Cat also interviewed anti-Zionist Rabbi Weiss of Neturei Karta about the massacre of Palestinians on Land Day. Archived.

March 30. My newest blog post is up: “A Syrian Christian Reveals What Is Really Happening in Syria

March 20. I am Clint Culbertson’s latest guest on Lords of Consciousness to revisit, in detail, what happened on 9/11, including the Israeli connection, evidence for nukes, what struck the Towers, and the theory that there were hijackers—Israeli special ops. Clint put a lot of visuals into the podcast:

March 14. I was Christopher Maider’s guest on The Meat and Potatoes Show. I joined Chris starting about the 30-minute mark. We talked mainly about the media and the conditioning of the public mindset. Archived.

March 8.  I was the guest of Scott Bennett and Michael-Jay Anderson on The Power Hour. We discussed the New World Order from a Christian perspective. Archived as First Hour and Second Hour.

February 23. My newest blog post is up: “Christianity and the Truth Movement: How Much Do They Coincide?

February 9. I was Nathan Laurenson’s latest guest on Battle of New Orleans. Our topic: Zionism. The show has been archived.

January 27. I was interviewed by Keith Knight on “Don’t Tread on Anyone.” We discussed the New World Order at large: conspiracy, false flags, Pearl Harbor, whistleblowers, Israel’s connection to 9/11, and much more. Keith, a relatively new face to alternative media, is a very well-informed young man.

January 27. My newest blog post is up: “12 Angry Men and the Truth Movement.”

January 25. I was Eric Gajewski’s guest on TRADCATKNIGHT. We discussed whether Trump is primarily “America First” or “Israel First.” as well as matters pertaining to current events and the “End Times.”

January 23. I attended an excellent talk by Dr. Mary Maxwell in which she played the role of attorney for alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  She pointed out many weaknesses in the case against Tsarnaev (e.g., he was wearing a backpack that was a different color from the one carrying the explosives), and many of the injustices, including the real-life attorney’s failure to make any defense for her client. The discussion after Mary’s talk got quite lively, as it took place at the public library of Watertown, Mass. (where the pursuit of the Tsarnaev brothers ended) and one of the involved police officers was on hand.

January 19. I was the guest of Scott Bennett and Michael-Jay Anderson on Shell Games on Revolution Radio. Scott’s background as a government whistle-blower is so fascinating that I may have asked him more questions than he asked me. Still waiting for this broadcast to be archived.

January 17. I was Jesse Russell’s guest on Saturday Night Trad (even though it wasn’t Saturday). Our discussion focused on the history of America’s wars, and their true objectives as opposed to their public pretexts.

January 13. My new post is up: “The World According to Perloff’s Twitter Memes”. I use the word “post” advisedly, as it’s actually a collection of my Twitter memes organized by topic. Hope you enjoy.

December 29. During the last two hours of The Hagmann Report, I discussed the evidence that supports divine creation over Darwin’s theory of evolution. The show’s first hour was Craig Sawyer on child trafficking. Snow conditions near the Pennsylvania studio forced us into audio-only mode. Archived at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hagmannreport/2017/12/30/destroying-child-trafficking-and-darwinism-craig-sawyer-then-james-perloff

December 22. I was Eric Hughes’s guest on “Resurrect the Republic” on the Republic Broadcasting Network to discuss the creation-evolution debate. Eric and I had a great discussion, but for some reason this episode never got archived.

December 15. Mary Ellen Moore, co-producer of ShadowRing, and a personal friend of mind, guest-hosted The Power Hour, and I was her guest starting midway through the first hour.  We discussed the suppression of Truth is a Lonely Warrior, and the Israeli connection to 9/11. Our focus in the second hour was the theory that the 9/11 planes were hijacked by Israeli special ops posing as Arabs. As a career flight attendant, Mary Ellen had contributed some insights to my own perspective on this, detailed in my post “9/11 Simplified.”
First hour:

Second hour:

December 6. With Pearl Harbor Day approaching, I discussed the tragedy’s back story with Sean on the latest SGT Report: how the 1941 attack was provoked, Roosevelt’s insane order to base the fleet in Hawaii, foreknowledge of the attack, and the scapegoating of Admiral Kimmel and General Short. The interview is a highly condensed discussion of my full-length post, Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt’s 9/11.

November 29. I was Dean Arnold’s latest guest on Global Storyline to discuss my journey into the Orthodox Church.

November 25. In his newest podcast, Morris and I discussed possible reasons for the mainstream media’s suddenly hyping the issue of sexual harassment:

November 20. My new blog post is up, I Have Joined the Eastern Orthodox Faith. Although this post is partially a personal journey, it is mostly about the state of Christianity.

November 2. Jim Fetzer has moved his show The Raw Deal to a new network, Revolution Radio, and I was honored to be his first guest, coming in about halfway through the program. Discussion focused on traumatizing events from the JFK assassination to the Las Vegas false flag. Archived for Revolution Radio subscribers.

October 27. My new blog post is up, The War on Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

October 25. I was Ian Trottier’s guest on his live show. We discussed the NWO, media control, Kindle’s suspension of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, and more. Archived.

October 19. TradCatKnight interviewed me today (in writing) about the New World Order.

October 16. Amazon Kindle suspended sales of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

October 3. I was the live guest on a hip, up-an-coming YouTube show called UNIROCK. Jason and I touched on a lot of topics, including Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, the Powers that Be and their Luciferian character, alt media vs the MSM, the CFR, the Fed, creation-evolution, the Las Vegas mass shooting, and 9/11.

September 29. The Hagmanns and I had a great discussion of 9/11, and its broader context, on The Hagmann Report, during the second two hours of their three-hour broadcast:

September 22. I was Kate Dalley‘s guest on her Fox affiliate show. Topics included North Korea, and the history of war manipulation. Archived.

September 15. I was the guest of Scott Bennett and Michael-jay Anderson on Shell Games to discuss 9/11. Archived as Hour 1 and Hour 2.

September 12. Jim Duke and I had a solid discussion of 9/11 on his live show Jim Duke Perspective.

September 11. On the 16th anniversary, I was Richie Allen’s guest for a condensed review of my last two posts on 9/11.

September 11. I am Sean’s latest guest on SGT Report. We discussed my two recent 9/11 posts:

September 9. Freeman and I discussed 9/11 at length on Freeman TV: http://freemantv.com/devil-in-the-details-on-911-james-perloff/.

September 6. I was the guest of Nathan Laurenson and Goyim on Battle of New Orleans Radio to discuss 9/11. Archived with commercials.

September 1. Dr. Henry Makow and I had a lively discussion with Dr. Kevin Barrett during the second half (starting 55 minutes in) of his latest show. http://noliesradio.org/archives/135624

August 31. My new post is up: “Conversations with an Airline Pilot about 9/11.” This is excerpts from emails I’ve exchanged with a UK-born pilot, a captain who is actively flying Airbus A300s (the equivalents of Boeing 767s) and who spent years training airline pilots. He has tremendous insights into aviation and 9/11, and clarifies several issues.

August 25. UK-based filmmaker Kenneth Koh has started a new podcast called The Porkchop Report. I was honored to be his first guest. We discussed the basics of the New World Order.

August 9. Rachael McIntosh and I were the guests of Kara Curry and Ted Jotte on Vigilant Truth Radio.  The show is archived. Rachael and I came on for the second half, starting about 54 minutes in. Among other topics, Rachael discussed technocracy, and her books which resulted from her experiences in the defense industry and politics, and I discussed the New World Order and its Luciferian character.

July 28. I have added an update to my recent post “9/11 Simplified” (scroll toward end of post).

July 19. On Organic News, I had an extended interview with Cat Watters about 9/11. Part 1 covered evidence of Israeli involvement, nuclear demolition, and we began to examine the “airplane strikes”:

In Part 2 of my 9/11 interview with Cat Watters,  we continued to discuss the “airplane strikes,” and then my new take on the fate of the original planes and passengers.

July 18. On this episode of Caravan to Midnight (recorded the previous week), Dr. Dave Janda and I dissect 9/11. (Please note: in many of these 9/11 interviews, I necessarily repeat the same ground covered in my recent post, although the interviews are individualized by the hosts’ views.)

July 16. I was a guest on The Conscious Mindset on WPFT 90.1 FM Houston. We discussed the NWO, false flags, the Fed, the media, and the Civil War. The show has been archived; I came in at about 44:30.

July 15. On the latest episode of Freeman TV, Freeman and I extensively discussed 9/11: the who, the how, and the spiritual significance.

July 13. I was Dr. Dave Janda’s guest on Caravan to Midnight (subscriber show) to discuss 9/11.

July 7. I was Dr. Kevin Barrett’s guest on Truth Jihad Radio to discuss 9/11. Archived for Kevin’s subscribers.

July 5.  I was Rachael McIntosh’s guest on Shadow Citizen to discuss 9/11 (pre-recorded).

July 4. I was Dr. Jim Fetzer’s guest on The Raw Deal to discuss my new post on 9/11. I came in halfway through the first hour, and stayed through the second hour.

June 30. I was the guest of Scott Bennett and Michael-jay Anderson on Shell Games to discuss my new post on 9/11. Archived as Hour 1 and Hour 2.

June 30. My new blog post is up, 9/11 Simplified. Yes, Virginia, there really were hijackers on the 9/11 planes—but not the ones we were told.

June 3. On the latest Our Interesting Times, Tim Kelly and I vetted the most-propagandized event of the 20th century: World War 2.

May 31. I was Cat Watters’ guest on Organic News. We discussed a wide range of topics, from the New World Order to Darwinism to the Federal Reserve.

May 30. I was interviewed today (written interview) by Muslim Press regarding Trump’s trip to the Middle East.

May 25. I was Daniel Brigman’s guest on The Power Hour. We chatted about my background, the CFR, Darwinism, and fielded questions from listeners. Archived.

May 25. I was Tim Kelly’s latest guest on Our Interesting Times; we had a great conversation on Trump, Syria & the New World Order.  Tim is extremely well-informed, and during the second half of the podcast, he brought up facts about the NWO that were new to me.

May 20. 90 years ago today, Charles Lindbergh, son of the Federal Reserve’s fiercest foe, departed on his transatlantic flight. I described it in my 2012 post for The New American.

May 19. My new blog post is up, Whistle-Blowers, not “Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists”. It’s a compilation of quotes and short video clips of military officers, government officials, bankers, law enforcement agents, newscasters, scholars, and other credible witnesses who have corroborated the alternative media’s views of the NWO. I hope it will serve as a useful resource.

April 29. I was the guest of revisionist historian Deanna Spingola on her RBN program. Our primary focus was Trump and his foreign policy, especially the Syria airstrikes ad his connections to Zionism. Archived.

April 26. I was the guest of Scott Bennett and Michael-jay Anderson on Shell Games to discuss the Syria air strikes and what they reveal about Trump. Archived as Hour 1 and Hour 2.

April 26. I was the guest of Rachael McIntosh and Rob Ossell on Shadow Citizen to discuss Trump and the Syria air strikes:

April 22. I was the guest of “The Fetch” on Inside the Eye, an alternative media show broadcast from the Middle East. Unfortunately, as the show progressed, the connection got progressively worse, possibly as a result of electronic interference. Dennis and I will try again in the future.  The first part of the program is archived.

April 19. My new blog post is up, “Trump Is Unmasked: 14 Reasons Why the Syria Airstrikes Were a Really Bad Idea.”

April 19. Today is the anniversary of the 1775 Battle of Lexington, the town I grew up in. Some may be interested in my article or my Corbett interview, in which I vetted it as a Freemasonic false-flag event.

April 13. On SGT Report, Sean and I discussed at length the many dark implications of Trump’s air strikes on Syria. At the end of the program, we also briefly discussed my new post on vaccination, which had been our intended topic when we first prescheduled the interview.

April 13. I am Clint Culbertson’s guest on Lords of Consciousness, taking a revisionist look at World War II. We actually recorded this on April 4, the day of the alleged “Syrian sarin gas attack.” Sorry, from time to time a tech issue causes my voice to momentarily fade.

April 7. I guested for the first half hour of Dr. Kevin Barrett’s live radio show. Our original intent was to discuss my new post on vaccination, but the conversation turned to Trump’s air strikes on Syria instead. Archived for Kevin’s subscribers.

April 5. My new blog post is up, “Vaccination Visuals.” It’s an array of short videos, memes, cartoons, banners and charts on the dangers of vaccination.

March 25. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and I were separate guests of Susan Lindauer on The Covert Report, discussing Trump, the Deep State, and Russia. Archived. Due to scheduling issues, Dr. Roberts and I alternated; me at 12 minutes in; him at 31; and me again at 71.

March 15. Starting after 30 minutes into the show, I was the the guest of Nathan Laurenson and the gang on Battle of New Orleans Radio.  We discussed Trump, the police state, false flags, the CFR, and Russia. Archived.

March 14. I was Jim Duke’s guest on Jim Duke Perspective to discuss events of March 15 and their potential aftermath. I should mention that I’ve done several shows on the Ides of March, and the content naturally tends to be redundant.

March 14. I was John B. Wells’s guest on Caravan to Midnight. Topic: Ides of March. The show is archived for John’s subscribers

March 14. I’m Tim Kelly’s latest guest on “Our Interesting Times.” We primarily discussed parallels between the Sixties PSYOP and the anti-Trump movement, the subject of one of my recent posts.

March 13.  I’m Sean’s latest guest on SGT Report to discuss the Rothschilds and the various events coinciding on March 15, detailed in my most recent blog post.

March 13.  I was Dr. Kevin Barrett’s guest on his No Lies Radio show. Archived for Kevin’s subscribers.  Main topic: Ides of March events.

March 10. I was the guest of Kate Dalley on her Fox affiliate show.  We primarily discussed false flags, 9/11, and the potential for trouble on and following March 15.  Archived.

March 8.  I was again the guest of Rob Ossell and Rachael McIntosh on their new show Shadow Citizen. Our primary focus was events surrounding March 15, the subject of my newest post.

March 7. My new blog post is up: From Washington to the Middle East, Should the World Brace for March 15?

February 24. My new blog post is up. Revisiting the Vietnam Era: Are Soros and the Deep State Updating an Old PSYOP to Depose Trump?

February 15.  Wanted to wait until after Valentine’s Day for this one. My newest blog post is up, Chicks Be Like . . . (A Post for Guys Only). This is purely apolitical, battle-of-the-sexes humor.

February 14. I was Richie Allen’s guest again.  We discussed Trump and especially the refugee crisis.

February 4. I was the guest of CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer on her radio show, with focuses on immigration, the recent protests, Trump, and finally Zionism. Susan’s guest during the hour before me was former CIA case officer Robert Steele, who’s a better listen than me. The entire show is archived.

February 2. I returned to the Russell Scott Show. We discussed new President Donald Trump, starting with his positives, but primarily focused on his troubling Zionist red flags.

January 27. I made my first guest appearance on Truth Be Told, hosted by Tony Sweet and Captain Ron. Topics included Trump, globalization, Russia, the potential for World War 3, population control, environmentalism, and Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

January 25. I had lots of fun with Rob Ossell and Rachael McIntosh as the first guest on their brand-new show Shadow Citizen. Topics included: my past, the Council on Foreign Relations, Israel, monarchies, Freemasonry, and Donald Trump’s positives vs. his Zionist connections.

January 24. I returned to TradCatKnight. Eric and I discussed Christian Zionism. Sorry about the audio problem that started to kick in during this interview.

January 16. I was Will Turbitt’s guest on Demand the Truth. We addressed several topics from my books, including the CFR, world government, the Korean and Vietnam wars, NAFTA and GATT, as well as the current outlook. Archived.

January 13. I was the guest on The Hagmann and Hagman Report for the last two hours of the broadcast.  We discussed Trump, the inauguration, Putin, Zionism, 9/11, cashless society, censorship, and the outlook for 2017.

January 9. I am Dean Arnold’s guest on his podcast for an extended conversation about Putin and Russia.

January 6. I was the guest of Dr. Kevin Barrett on his radio show to discuss my new post on Putin and Russia. The program is archived (second hour).

January 3, 2017. My newest post is up, “The Unthinkable Has Finally Happened: Russia and America Have Traded Places.”