Announcing My Newest Book

As many of my readers know, In April 2020, I diverted from writing a major book on 9/11 to compose a long blog post on the COVID-19 crisis. September 11, 2001, remains a watershed event that redirected American foreign policy onto a deadly course of Middle East Wars that cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars, and domestically brought then-unprecedented intrusions on civil liberties in the name of security.

However, in 2020 the international response to COVID-19 was clearly superseding 9/11 in urgency. It was a systemic event threatening to bring down the world’s economies, and fast-track a global Orwellian police state, which we in alternative media had long warned about—complete with digital ID, cashless society, universal vaccination, and a surveillance state with strict limits on individuals’ ability to travel, work, and buy or sell. It was a cataclysmic shift of Biblical proportions.

Why publish a paperback? For weeks, as the COVID situation developed, I continued to update my blog post, placing the amendments in italics with dates. However, this system soon became unwieldy, and the sheer size of the post too intimidating to invite online reading. A point was reached where a book (which has turned out to be over 200 pages) was clearly needed.

In an era of draconian Internet censorship, a book also presents an opportunity to preserve, in hard copy, information that is increasingly at risk for being digitally flushed down what George Orwell called “memory holes” in his futuristic book 1984. In particular, I wanted to create a volume that would give readers access to data that has been systematically deleted by YouTube and made nearly impossible to find on major search engines, making the phrase “do your own research” less and less achievable.

I have striven to make the book something one can share with “blue-pilled” friends and family members. With nearly 300 endnotes, everything is sourced, quoting numerous scholars from around the world—virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, pathologists, microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, including Nobel Prize winners, as well as front-line ER physicians and family practice MDs. Although, necessarily, I often refer to alternative media journalists, I also frequently draw on mainstream sources including the CDC.

To simplify reading, I have divided the book into five sections totaling 27 chapters—enough chapters to (hopefully) cover each topic relevant to COVID-19, while also keeping chapters short enough so that reading is not discouraged. Here is the table of contents:

1. The Economic and Health Impact of the Lockdown
2. Destruction of Civil Liberties
3. Was the Lockdown Necessary? Experts Speak Out
4. The Social Distancing and Mask Controversies

5. Putting COVID-19 in Perspective
6. Fake News Stories Intensify the Panic
7. An Important Disclaimer
8. Inflating COVID-19 Deaths: (1) Early in the Pandemic—Misleading Sampling Weights and Inaccurate Models
9. Inflating COVID-19 Deaths: (2) Conflating It with Other Diseases
10. Inflating COVID-19 Deaths: (3) Death Certificates
11. Inflating COVID-19 Deaths: (4) The Nursing Home Controversy
12. Accuracy of Testing

13. Mainstream Story of the Origin
14. The Bioweapon Theory
15. Accidental Leak or Deliberate Dispersion?
16. The 5G Theory
17. Other Theories about COVID-19

18. Population Reduction
19. Bill Gates
20. Deep State Goal #1: Global Vaccines
21. Eight Reasons Why We Don’t Need a COVID Vaccine
22. The Storm over Hydroxychloroquine
23. Deep State Goal #2: Global Digital ID
24. Deep State Goal #3: Cashless Society
25. Contact Tracing/Surveillance State

26. Possible Scenarios
27. Hope and Encouragement

I have added an index to the book to make locating specific content easier.

Are there disadvantages to a paperback over a blog post? Sure. One cannot click-and-play a video in a paperback! However, in the book I have taken pains to provide written transcripts of video content, selecting excerpts with the greatest relevance and interest.

If you’ve already read the blog post, should you buy the book? I estimate, very roughly, that about 40 percent of the book’s content is new, and about 60 percent is redundant of the blog post, so this is really a reader decision. Bear in mind, it may be all new for someone you decide to share the book with.

COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled is available on Amazon. For those who wish to buy a copy, I suggest they do so promptly because, given the current state of censorship surrounding COVID, one never knows when things may change. The book is also available from Power of Prophecy, and I am working on building up other secondary sellers, as well as a backup printing service, to ensure the book’s continued availability. I can also provide bulk shipments at discount rates