Fun Stuff

Because we can all use some laughter. (I don’t own rights to these clips; they are all posted on YouTube, from which they are linked.)

Johnny Carson as Lie Detector Politician (gets racy)

Tracey Ullman is the register girl in “Late Night Checkout”

Shemp is mistaken for Cousin Basil

Monsanto meat commercial?

Modern Educayshun


Help Obama Kickstart World War III!


“Emma!” French TV commercial.


I never tell people not to vote, but some who know how overrated voting is will enjoy the satire “Voting and You.”


Al Qaida is enraged at Truthers for taking away the credit they deserve for 9/11.


Tune-Out Ref


Hm.  Is Frank Drebin of Police Squad hot on the trail of a vaccine-injecting doctor from the CDC?


“Dial P for Paranoia.” In the Truth Movement, haven’t we all felt like this guy sometimes? Nice parody by Joy Camp.




Another classic from Onion News Network. FDA approves depressant drug for people who are too cheerful.


Game show reveals what happens to Americans after a lifetime of exposure to mainstream media, public school & vaccines.


Lord Rothschild responds to warnings from his advisors that the growing Truth Movement threatens his plan for a New World Order. See how it all works out for him.


Clouseau vs. Cato

Another Clouseau vs. Cato

One more Clouseau vs. Cato


Laurel & Hardy as piano movers (full-length). The Music Box was winner of a well-deserved Oscar for “Best Short Subject” of 1932.