How to Get a Free PDF or E-Book Version of “COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled”

As many of you now know, Amazon has censored COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled.

If you would like a free PDF of the book, you can click here, but first please read the following:

Right before Amazon censored my book on October 15, I had been working with an e-book conversion company to create both Kindle and EPUB versions of the book. Unlike the PDF, the e-book is loaded with clickable active hyperlinks, including links for every endnote. Its links are also just slightly more up-to-date than the PDF’s.

Both the PDF and the e-book have references to some hard-to-find material on the Internet.

Due to Amazon’s censorship, the Kindle version we created is, of course, now unusable, but I still have the book’s EPUB version. Unfortunately, the file is too large for me to make downloadable from a WordPress page.

However, if you contact me, I can email you the file. PLEASE BE ADVISED: To read it, you’ll need software that can open an EPUB book. One such software is Adobe Digital Editions, which is free and easy to download from Adobe’s website.

The PDF and book file are free, but if you wish, you can always make a donation to this website via PayPal. As I am not a charity, donations are not tax-deductible and are recorded by me as business income.

I realize I could eventually put this EPUB book up for sale in some online store, but right now the hour is growing late for America, and I am just interested in getting the message out there.

For those readers who request a free EPUB file of the book, it is understood that the file is not to be used for resale purposes.

Incidentally, some online sources say there are ways to read EPUB books on Kindle devices.

Quick 10-18 update: As email traffic is very heavy at the moment, please pardon me if I am slow in responding to requests.