Informative Links

I know most of these sites have their critics — who doesn’t?

Henry Makow
Dr. Makow has keen understanding of politics, morals, and humor, and I am honored to be a contributor to his website.

The Corbett Report
Using diverse media forms, and networking with many other investigators, James Corbett provides cerebral, top-notch analysis of relevant issues in world affairs. Rapidly emerging as a true leader in alternative media.

Free Mind Films
Producers of a Noble Lie, the definitive film on the Oklahoma City bombing, and State of Mind: The Psychology of Control.  I scripted Free Mind Film’s newest documentary, ShadowRing, scheduled for release in June 2015.

Some top creation science/intelligent design links:
Institute for Creation Research
Answers in Genesis
Creation Research Society
Creation Today

SGT Report
Called “the antithesis of mockingbird media mainstream ‘news,’” SGT Report provides the latest breaking news & information from trusted alternative media sources, as well as exclusive original content.

Truthstream Media
Outstanding, insightful and entertaining videos from one of alt media’s best husband-and-wife teams, Aaron and Melissa Dykes. Nearly half a million subscribers.

Blackstone Intelligence
YouTube channel of Jake Morphonios. Very informative on current geopolitical events, with an emphasis on the Middle East.

Know More News
Adam Green has keen and very up-to-date insights on what’s happening in the world, with a special focus on Zionism.

Brother Nathanael
Born and raised Jewish, now an Orthodox Christian, Brother Nathanael produces many short videos that are both insightful and funny. One can get a real education in geopolitics on his YouTube Channel.

The John Birch Society
The John Birch Society knew there was a conspiracy back when few people had heard that term in a government context.

The New American
I wrote for this journal from 1985 to 2012.

Understanding EMFs
Cece Doucette’s comprehensive repository of information regarding the hazards of wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, 5G, etc.).

Geoengineering Watch.
As weather modification increasingly appears to be the “weapon of choice” for depopulating the planet, more people are turning to this website with its wealth of information.

Deanna Spignola
Deanna is one of the most informed radio show hosts in America. Her three-volume series, The Ruling Elite, is an encyclopedic reference that should be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in history.

The Power Hour
Joyce Riley was one of the leading ladies of alternative media and American talk radio. The show carries on, usually hosted by Dan Brigman.

Power of Prophecy (Texe Marrs)
Texe has a great grasp of the issues and his website has loads of resources and information.

Caravan to Midnight
Website for John B. Wells, the well-informed, well-spoken host of Caravan to Midnight. I have been honored to be John’s guest on his subscriber-supported show several times.

Who Is Israel?
An outstanding book by Pastor Matt Furse debunking Christian Zionism.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Privacy activist and pioneering opponent of RFID chips, she runs a first-class radio show, is a Christian and holds a Doctorate in Education from Harvard.

Christopher Bollyn
Christopher is an outstanding investigative journalist and public speaker who specializes in 9/11.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
I have not personally seen better analysis of what the banksters are doing in the markets.  Dr. Roberts is an economist with impeccable credentials.  Thanks to him, I finally understood why gold plummeted despite the Fed’s massive production of fiat currency.

What Really Happened
Not only does Michael Rivero’s website comprehensively post breaking news, it provides insights that decipher the MSM headlines.  Michael also hosts a radio show that pulls no punches.

Investigates the New World Order from a traditional Catholic perspective. Has a very popular podcast.

The Hagmann Report
Investigative father-and-son team; they broadcast a daily three-hour alternative media show featuring diverse guests.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Their name is self-explanatory.

Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Truth Frequency Radio
Talk show hosts Chris and Sheree Geo founded this rapidly growing radio network. Chris and Sheree are extremely well-informed and have no agenda except finding and communicating the truth, with no compromise.

World Intelligence Review
Dr. John Coleman’s writings are among the most informative out there. Dr. Coleman was formerly with MI6 (Britain’s CIA).

Memory Hole
Blog of Dr. James F. Tracy, an academic who is bringing significant additional insights and perspective to the Truth Movement.

Radio Liberty
Website for the ministry of the venerable Dr. Stan Monteith, who passed away on September 30, 2014.  A pioneer of the Truth Movement, Dr. Stan continued to do radio 5 hours a day at age 85.  A marine, surgeon, gentleman, patriot, Christian. We will miss him.

I find its pages on vaccines very helpful. A wealth of information is on this site — more than one might realize at first glance.

 “Where the esoteric meets the political.” Website of Freeman, a pioneer and innovator in the Truth Movement.

Info Wars
Alex Jones, vociferous thorn-in-the-side of the Establishment.

No More Fake News
Jon Rappoport’s blog provides some outstanding insights into current events.

Stop the Crime
Another very informative truther site; a lot on hi-tech depopulation programs.

Website of Japan’s Remnant Publishing, whose president is Reverend Arimasa Kubo. I recently learned much about the Biblical concept of Hades as well as the “Nanjing massacre” from him.

Educate Yourself
Ken Adachi’s website has a wealth of information.  I am especially grateful that he has preserved so much material from the late Ted Gunderson of the FBI.

Truth Jihad Radio
Dr. Kevin Barrett keeps you up-to-date on the issues.

Omni Christian Book Club
Has a remarkably large collection of insightful books for sale, including many rare titles.

Red Coat
Paul Noble’s insightful website provides the British perspective on the Revolutionary War.

Project Probe
Barbados is one of the most Christian nations on Earth. I was honored to speak there at the invitation of Project Probe, a Christian ministry with great discernment concerning today’s issues.

Rachael L. McIntosh
Dynamic novelist who understands realpolitik.

David Dees
A master of satirical political art, a Norman Rockwell for the Truth Movement.

Your Complete Health Now
Blog of my friend Jay Ricci, who is devoted to helping people attain both spiritual and physical health.

Camp Constitution
A great one-week annual summer camp for kids and families that combines fun activities with “politically incorrect” classes in history and civics, rooted in traditional American and Judeo-Christian values.

A new search engine, in development, that searches alternative media. Christian website with many evidences for the universe and living creatures being designed by God.

Creative Thunder
This website’s designers.