Will MH370 become part of a false flag operation?

[This post was written on 3-17-14; it has been progressively updated – scroll down.]

Let me say from the top that this article is strictly hypothetical.  It may be totally wrong, and events may discredit it within hours of its publication.  Nevertheless, MH370’s protracted disappearance merits some discussion over whether it might be part of the Illuminati agenda.

It has long been clear that MH370 did not explode, as there is no debris trail. Since family members are still able to ring cell phones that belonged to passengers, it is also clear that the plane did not go under water, as submersion would have rendered this impossible. The plane evidently made landfall.

All indications now are that the plane was deliberately diverted northwest.  Someone turned off the transponder, making the plane virtually untrackable (or so it is claimed) once it left the range of Malaysia’s military radar.

To turn off the transponder requires knowledge of the plane’s systems. It seems unlikely that terrorists seized the cockpit.  If they did, there should have been enough time for the pilots to send a distress message, and for passengers to use air phones to say they were being hijacked.

There is no indication so far from investigation of the pilots that they would have been involved in some nefarious scheme.

Is there another way the planes could have been diverted? Shortly after 9-11, the late Joe Vialls asserted that the four jetliners were remote-controlled into their targets using an emergency recovery system that had been installed on Boeing 757s and 767s; the system, he said, took the pilots and crews completely out of the control loop. I know Vialls has been sharply criticized, and I do not say he was right; but I believe it is worth reading his explanation, if only because remote-controlling the 9-11 planes would explain a lot:

• Why the planes were flown into their targets with pinpoint accuracy, despite known flying incompetence of the alleged hijackers;
• Why none of the pilots typed in a hijacking alert code (as they were trained to do);
• Why none of the pilots sent distress messages;
• Why the government has never publicly produced a cockpit tape from any of the flights;
• How the hijackers took over the planes so easily (perhaps they never did);
• Why fighters were delayed getting airborne, preventing them from intercepting any of the aircraft (had they done so, and flown alongside, they might have seen something in the cockpits very different from what we were told).

If, in fact, the 9-11 planes were seized by remote control  – whether through the method Vialls described or not – it raises the question of whether the rerouting of MH370 and turning off of its transponder was also done by remote control.  If this was an electronic hijack, it would have been executed by sophisticated high-tech resources that are available only to agencies of a powerful nation, who must have had a strong reason for doing it.

MH370 was diverted in the general direction of the Middle East.  On that note, it is worth observing that the Illuminati have been trying to widen the Middle East conflicts.  In the wake of stiffening resistance of Americans to stronger “Patriot Act” measures (e.g., Rand Paul’s filibuster against domestic drone strikes in March 2013), it may be that the Illuminati decided to revert to the old standby that worked so well on 9-11: Convince Americans that they needed more draconian security because “those Middle East Muslims are out to get us.”  And so in April 2013 we had the Boston Marathon bombing.

When Obama subsequently failed to win U.S. support for air strikes on Syria after the “Assad used chemical weapons” claims, the Illuminati must have been very frustrated.  Is it possible that they’re planning to go back to their “tried and true” 9-11 formula?

In other words, is the MH370 airliner eventually going to plow into a Western target, perhaps loaded with chemical weapons?  Of course, it is supposed to be impossible to hijack a plane in America with all those TSA checkpoints, so wouldn’t it be logical to use a plane “hijacked” overseas?  The Illuminati have been itching for war with Iran. In 2012, Foreign Affairs, journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, expressed alarm over the presence of Al-Qaida in Iran.  Might the U.S. government eventually claim MH370 landed in Iran and was loaded by Al-Qaida with a payload for a “terrorist attack”?  Might we then go to war with Iran on the same principle as the war in Afghanistan – that we won’t tolerate any nation protecting terrorists?  Would Obama then get his Congressional support for a new Middle East war as he shouts “We will NOT forget!” while an orchestrated mob waves American flags and chants “USA”?

This article is pure speculation, may contain errors (which I encourage readers to email me about) and I hope I am wrong on every count.  At the same time, given the Illuminati’s track record, I believe we are wise to be in a cautious “alert” mode, especially with something as high-profile as the strange disappearance of MH370.

UPDATE 3-20-14

The above post was published 3 days ago.  I now write an addendum.  Today AOL is headlining a news story about a security breach at the new World Trade Center.  Yesterday AOL headlined another news story saying Bin Laden’s son-in-law has confirmed Bin Laden admitted he was behind the 9-11 bombings.  And just two days ago, Cass Sunstein, Obama’s information czar until 2012, released his brand-new book Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas.   Sunstein has advocated having government agents infiltrate and undermine groups who advance “conspiracy theories.”

Certainly, these could be meaningless coincidences. But as the search for MH370 continues, it seems we are having some public attention drawn to the new World Trade Center (tallest building in the Western Hemisphere), reinforcement of the idea that “Bin Laden did it in 2001,” and more marginalization of those who challenge this view as “dangerous.”

Someone just emailed me this link affirming that in 2006 Boeing patented an auto-landing system that “removes all control from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location.” In the above post, I suggested the possibility that MH370 might have been electronically hijacked, the intention being to later ram it into what I called a “Western target,” and then blame the incident on Al Qaida terrorists in Iran. (For insights into what Al Qaida really is, I suggest this article on Dr. Henry Makow’s website.)  Could that target be the new World Trade Center?  Wouldn’t that be the most “logical” target for Americans to believe Al Qaida would go after?  And since domestic hijackings are supposedly impossible with our TSA system, wouldn’t it also require a long-range jetliner hijacked overseas?

After stories were spun about Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria, Americans were definitely not upset enough to accept yet another Middle East war.  Has a high-level decision therefore been made to hurt Americans where it really hurts – at home – with another 9-11?

A variation on this scenario might be to have the jetliner approach a target such as the new World Trade Center, but be shot down by the Air Force “in the nick of time.”

In 1871 the Satanist Albert Pike allegedly predicted three world wars, the final one beginning as a conflict between Islam and Zionism.  As the search for MH370 goes on, the most serious tensions since the Cold War are suddenly being raised between the United States and Russia over the Ukraine. Rather uncomfortably, 2014 also marks the 100th anniversary of World War I.

This theory about MH370, of course, remains very speculative.  If the plane is definitely found, discrediting it, I will withdraw the post.

UPDATE 3-25-2014

Yesterday it was publicly announced that MH370 crashed into a remote part of the Indian Ocean.

So why have I not withdrawn this blog post yet?  For two reasons. First, many unanswered questions remain about MH370.  Regardless of which media scenario is accepted – terrorism, pilot suicide, piracy, cockpit fire – none of them seem to credibly explain why the plane traveled to the southern Indian Ocean.

Second, I said I would withdraw the post when MH370 was “definitely” found.  The public announcement about the fate of MH370 is, so far, based on satellite analysis of “pings” by the British satellite company Inmarsat.  I would call that short of definite.

The Inmarsat report may be spot-on.  On the other hand, we live in era where “expert analysis” has been strategically deployed in the media to deceive the public about many issues, from global warming to Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction.” If MH370 was electronically seized and auto-landed by a powerful intelligence agency – quite possible using the technology which Boeing itself patented eight years ago – I should think that same intelligence agency would also find it necessary fabricate a plausible public “cover story” about MH370’s fate, in order to terminate further search and inquiry.  What better place to have a plane vanish than the deep waters of an extremely remote part of the ocean?  The inaccessibility of the ocean floor has long made it a convenient place to bury evidence, be it the Lusitania or Bin Laden’s body.

UPDATE 3-26-14

As this article notes, fishermen in the Maldives saw a jumbo jet flying low overhead on the morning that MH370 disappeared, and it was headed in the general direction of Diego Garcia, the U.S. military base in the Indian Ocean that has two 12,000-foot runways. Diego Garcia has no native population (they were forcibly deported long ago), just military personnel. A landing on Diego Garcia seems like a credible scenario.

This article suggests that high tech related to Freescale Semiconductors was the target of the diversion.

And this one examines a false-flag scenario similar to the one I suggested at the outset of this post.

Although the mainstream media ridicule such theories, I have yet to see the mainstream media come up with a credible explanation of their own for why MH370 ended up where they say it did.

UPDATE 4-1-14

The search for MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean has turned up nothing. It remains astonishing that the Malaysian government announced that the plane crashed there based on one computer analysis, by one satellite company– a report that could have been fabricated for political reasons.

Here are two new resources that have come to my attention:

The first is this excellent James Corbett video that strengthens the case that both the 9-11 jetliners and MH370 were electronically hijacked.

The second is this well-reasoned article from Prison Planet on why a Boeing 777 could not simply vanish without being detected, and why government and media cannot be telling the truth about the plane.