Dear Friends and Followers:

I apologize if this message is redundant for some of you. Although I sent out an email announcement, I was advised it might not reach some individuals, and that it would optimal to also write a short post.

As of February 8, I have established a new, redesigned website, on new servers and with a new domain name. The reasons for the change are primarily for (1) enhanced security during an era of increased censorship; and (2) reduction of download time for my welcome page, thus improving accessibility, especially for users with small devices.

So has moved to 

If you are already subscribed with an email address, you don’t need to re-subscribe; you are on the mailing list for the new site. For the most part, search engine users will also be redirected automatically to the new site.

The new site has a different look to it, but retains the bulk of the old content. I have eliminated a few older posts that I felt did not retain value. This is the final post I will be sending from the old site.

I may continue to make adjustments to the new site in the coming weeks.

Thank you.

James Perloff