Methodical Illusion

Some in Truth Movement Are Asking Questions about “Rebekah Roth”

Those who say what I’m about to say have been widely labeled “trolls.” Therefore I’d like to mention my alternative-media background. In 1985 I wrote my first article for The New American, for whom I subsequently wrote many pieces, e.g., cover stories on the Pearl Harbor cover-up in 1986 (and again in 2001) and the Kennedy assassination in 1988. My The Shadows of Power is a long-standing best-seller. Beginning in the late 90’s I wrote two books debunking Darwinism, about which I’ve lectured widely. My latest book is Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, and I wrote the script for Free Mind Films’ new documentary ShadowRing, narrated by Hollywood’s Kevin Sorbo. I was the leadoff speaker for the 2015 New York City LibertyFest, emceed by Adam Kokesh. On this (post-cancer rebuilt) website, you’ll find wide-ranging articles. I believe I’m the only revisionist to explore the Spanish-American War or 1775 Battle of Lexington in depth.

In all those years, I’ve never written a negative article about someone else in alternative media. Doing so can play into the PTB’s “divide and conquer” strategy. However, today I’m making an exception.

When Rebekah Roth’s Methodical Illusion appeared a year ago, I rejoiced. A flight attendant joining the Truth Movement! I heard her impressively interviewed on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. I personally commended her for her book (to which she cordially replied), gave it a 5-star Amazon review, linked to her from this website, and recommended her to radio hosts I knew.

I was therefore surprised in August to receive an unpleasant email from Roth, directed against myself. Since the email was private, I kept my reply, factually debunking her allegations, private also. However, I resolved that if she took her accusations public, I would also go public, so people could see precisely what had been said, and decide the matter for themselves. I did not hear back from her.

I did, however, do something I’d never done with anyone before: removed Roth from this website’s “links” page. Incidentally, Roth’s website links to nobody.

I’d almost forgotten the episode until a couple of weeks ago, when a Truther friend sent me a video of Jim Fetzer interviewing Allan Powell about Roth. A major focus: the uncanny resemblance between Roth’s voice and that of a “Moniker Gainor,” who pitches doTERRA essential oils on a show called “pHix Your Health.” My friend had begun listening in the middle of the Fetzer interview, thought she was hearing a clip of Roth, and was stunned to learn it was “Gainor.” I suggest starting around the 13-minute mark, and decide for yourself:

Also, the voice of Michael Harris, the “pHix Your Health” man introducing Gainor, markedly resembles Roth’s radio co-host, “RamJet.”

For those who consider the similarities coincidental, turn to the “acknowledgements” at the back of Methodical Illusion. Among the three there, Roth includes “the pHix Your Health Team.” Methodical Illusion also works in doTERRA (page 15).

I must interject: Products do require marketing, and I highly approve naturopathic remedies, including essential oils. But “pHix your Health” looks money-centered. Their YouTube channel hosts videos like “Understanding doTERRA Compensation” (subtitled “This video will help you to understand the bonuses and many ways you can make money with doTERRA”); “How to Enroll a New Wellness Advocate”; “The Fast Start Bonus with doTERRA“; and “Loyalty Reward Program.” Fetzer and Powell also note the rather extreme claims made for this oil brand’s healing powers, ranging from asthma to autism; or as Powell puts it, “sounds like Jesus in a bottle.”

More importantly: If, as they contend, Roth doubles as “Monika Gainor,” credibility issues arise. Here’s how Roth’s book introduces her: “I enjoyed a nearly thirty year career working as both a flight attendant and an international purser. I was trained as an emergency medical technician and served as a volunteer firefighter.” Here’s Michael Harris introducing “Gainor” (condensed for brevity): “Let me share with you a little about Monika. . . She has studied or been involved in natural healing methodologies for nearly thirty years. She’s studied under a Hawaiian Kahuna in the art of huna healing . . . she’s a lomilomi massage technique master, and as a result of that she’s had very many well-known NBA players that have been her clients. . . she’s a reiki master, she’s studied biochemistry and organic chemistry in college. . . she has the ability to . . . intuitively know what a body needs in order to regain its health.”

I’m not suggesting “Rebekah Roth” couldn’t simultaneously maintain two careers. Many people, myself included, have done that. But the achieved masteries claimed for Gainor sound rather extensive for a career flight attendant. And personally, if I had “very many well-known NBA players” as clients, I doubt that I’d need a second job.

Being a Bostonian, I’ll observe that “Monika” is the Boston-accent version of the word “moniker,” meaning “name” or “alias.” And “Gainor,” carrying its own implications, is much more typically spelled “Gaynor,” as with the actress Mitzi Gaynor. If “Roth” is only, as she says, devoted to “truth,” why market products under a false name? Some may say “She has to protect her identity so the CIA won’t bump her off.” OK, maybe can that could fly for 9/11, but for essential oils? (Incidentally, a pen name won’t bamboozle modern surveillance agencies like the CIA or NSA.)

Some say the rarely-photographed Roth wears glasses and somewhat frumpy hairstyle (or wig?) for a safety disguise. But does Methodical Illusion really contain assassination bait? It’s a novel mostly without real names (like Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld). In the end, the hero is the POTUS himself—a Speaker-of-the-House-turned-President-by-default. Methodical Illusion’s faith in the U.S. government’s self-correcting capacity hardly seems like something that would put you in CIA cross hairs (though I’ve heard her sharply condemn the government on radio).

According to Fetzer, when Dennis Cimino, a former Navy electronics trouble-shooter, interviewed Roth, Cimino noticed Roth’s call traced to Langley, VA—home of CIA headquarters.

Methodical Illusion consumes some 160 fiction pages before really addressing 9/11. When it does, much of it retreads work of others. Pages 209-212 contain a thinly disguised rephrasing of James Corbett’s video 9/11—The Truth in Five Minutes. Certainly, Roth offers special flight-attendant insights that are fresh. She has noted, for example, that cockpits had pilot axes that box cutters would have been no match for. She also has a completely unique take on the planes’ fates.

However, she’s definitely not the first flight-professional Truther. Pilots for 9/11 Truth (founded 2006) has an extensive membership list, maintains a website with several videos debunking the official 9/11 story, and numerous threads with theories. Its members give real names. I don’t know why anyone would accord them less precedence than Roth.

I do not concur with the suggestion that Roth was never a flight attendant. She is too well-versed in that profession, and a fake would easily risk exposure on radio. Nevertheless, over recent days, several Truthers besides Fetzer and Powell have noticed a “Dark Side.” Although Roth has cried “trolls,” that label is wearing thin.

On December 23, radio host Pete Santilli announced he is removing his interview with Roth from his archives due to too many unanswered questions about her. Santilli says he has never done this with any other guest:

On December 25, Truth Frequency Radio’s founder Chris Geo, whose integrity I have the highest respect for, enumerated in “Rebekah Roth Unwigged” why he’s glad Roth’s brief stint on TFR ended:

Roth moved to, but that network has now announced: “The Rebekah Roth Show is no longer carried by We wish Rebekah (or whatever her real name is) the greatest success somewhere else.”

On December 29, Natural News renounced Roth as a “possible government plant.” Said Mike Adams: “Observing her behavior, we came to find that she’s an expert in infiltration and provocateur-type operations, getting groups of people to turn on each other and causing chaos inside the truth movement.” See

A leader in exposing Roth is Kurt Haskell, famed as attorney-turned-Truther after personally witnessing the “Underwear Bomber” fiasco. He now lives in Costa Rica, hosting a show called Real Investigations. Haskell goes into depth about “Roth,” her various aliases and background. See, e.g., his December 25 page.

News kept breaking while writing this article. On December 26, Roth uploaded a video defending herself against the “trolls,” saying she is really Koreann Ashlie (a name already identified by Haskell), and supplying documentation of her flight-attendant career (though not the long-requested photo of her in uniform). I will not embed the video here, but the link is

Haskell responded in a December 27 interview (which experienced considerable electronic interference), stating Koreann Ashlie is still not her true name:

So is “Roth” a Truther? Ambitious promoter? Intelligence asset? One thing I’ve always liked about Roth: her identifying Israel as the number-one force behind 9/11. That’s spot-on (see But some of the above commentators believe Roth was conceivably “set up to fail”; that it was too easy discovering “Gainor,” possibly so the Truth Movement, or something about it, could get “discredited” along with the author.

I don’t know the answer, but I do believe Truthers should at least be aware that this controversy exists.

Update, January 5. From time to time, I may update this post.

During the Cold War (and other wars), an occasionally used tactic was to send a fake defector to the other side to plant false information. However, there was a very important corollary to this strategy. To be accepted, the fake defector would need to bring some true information. If everything they brought was false, they would be quickly shown the exit (or firing squad). So they would provide maybe five pieces of good information along with the all-important bogus item, so the latter would be presumed genuine.

Thus, for example, a fake KGB defector, sent West to plant disinfo, might disclose the names of some Soviet spies—people who genuinely worked for the KGB, but who’d outlived their usefulness, and whom the Kremlin didn’t mind sacrificing in order to accomplish a greater objective.

On January 2, the day I published this article, I received a call from Chris Emery, producer at Free Mind Films. He and I had worked together on ShadowRing. Chris said he enjoyed the article and that, like me, he had originally admired Rebekah Roth’s work. He told me that in January 2015, he had a phone chat with Roth. According to Chris, he asked Roth three times during the conversation which airline she had worked for, and each time she changed the subject. So Chris’s experience was quite similar to those of others (described in some of the videos embedded above).

“You know, Chris,” I said, “it’s really strange. Why would she mind simply saying which airline she worked for? It’s not like they could have fired her for writing a book about 9/11, because according to her, she had retired from the industry years earlier.”

Some think Roth long refused to name the airline because she was never a flight attendant. But I wonder if, just possibly, she was more sensitive about which airline. Roth finally said in her in December 26 video that she worked for Northwest. But according to Kurt Haskell (last embedded video above, 21:20 mark), he found a 9/11 obituary page for some of the victims, and Roth, under another name, had left a comment saying she had worked for American Airlines. American, of course, played a very significant role on 9/11. It was AA Flight 11 that allegedly struck the first tower, and AA 77 the Pentagon.

As Chris and I continued talking, our conversation turned to the article I published in August on Flight 11, because it contained information that overlaps another topic which especially interests Chris, the Oklahoma City bombing. Chris is quite an expert on the latter, having been a producer of A Noble Lie; his Corbett Report interview is the best I’ve heard on Timothy McVeigh.

I reminded Chris that on 9/11, American Airlines’ head of security had been Larry Wansley, former deep undercover FBI agent. And according to Wansley, after he learned of the hijackings, he phoned his friend Danny Defenbaugh, special agent-in-charge of the Dallas FBI office (AA was headquartered in Dallas). Defenbaugh had also been in charge of the FBI’s OKC bombing investigation. Supposedly, this call from Wansley was the first moment the FBI knew of the hijackings. But if you read my article, that claim is controversial. According to the AA reservationist who took the call from Flight 11 flight attendant Betty Oong, she was pulled off the phone by FBI agents about a half-hour before Wansley said he notified Defenbaugh.

During our phone conversation, Chris (who used to reside in that region) mentioned that Defenbaugh lived, or had lived, on an estate in Grapevine, Texas. “Grapevine, Texas?” I said. “That’s quite a coincidence, because I just heard that name.” It was at the bottom of Kurt Haskell’s Facebook post on Rebekah Roth. Kurt had said not to confuse Rebekah with a lady in Grapevine, TX, but gave Roth’s location as a town practically next to Grapevine. What were the probabilities of Roth living so close to Defenbaugh, the FBI’s point man for both OKC and 9/11?

A thought then crossed my mind. What if there was some sort of connection between Roth and the American Airlines-Wansley-Defenbaugh nexus? Could that account for her chronic unwillingness to disclose which airline she worked for?

I’m not making any affirmations here. There is no proof of a connection whatsoever. Only coincidences. In fact, according to Kurt Haskell’s research, Roth appears to have been living in the state of Washington at the time of 9/11.

On another note, I received an email from someone suggesting that in challenging Roth, the Truth Movement is being cleverly manipulated by the Powers That Be—that articles such as this are precisely what they want. I leave the door open to that possibility too. My investigation of the Lindbergh Kidnapping a few years ago taught me just how complicated the truth can sometimes be.

Update, January 8. Kurt Haskell has now brought his show Real Investigations to YouTube. On January 7, he uploaded “Episode 13: Final Report on Rebekah Roth.” It makes some corrections to his earlier findings and also provides some new information. I will not embed the show here, as it is broken into 4 rather short segments. The link to the first one is Hopefully this will pretty much close the subject.